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Introducing your DuoBelt

DuoBelt by DuoBoots Packaging


Unique sizing tool from DuoBoots


Our specialist fit team have created a unique sizing tool called the DuoBelt™. Each notch of the belt mimics one of our seven calf measurements. Simply choose the notch that is most comfortable for you and find the perfect fit. Once you've found your size with the DuoBelt make sure to enter your fit details into your account.

DuoBoots - Boots for wider and skinny legs

Boots in seven calf sizes.

DuoBoots is built on the fact that every woman is unique. A bra fits your rib cage and breasts, so why doesn’t a woman’s boot fit her foot and her calf?

That is our mission, to fit all women. Tall, short, athletic, slender or curvy - our boots will fit your calf regardless of your shoe size, your dress size or anything else.

We have listened to our customers and created a new size system for AW21 to give our community complete confidence in a consistent fit between styles, especially when shopping online. Whether it’s a calf-fit riding boot or western ankle boot, consistency between styles and materials is imperative.

Your new fit

New for AW21, DuoBoots have created a unique sizing tool to ensure your new calf-fitting boots are the perfect fit. Forego the tape measure, our new DuoBelt™ will help determine your calf size using one of its seven notches.

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What to do next

Enter your DuoBelt Size
How to measure your calf with DuoBelt

Follow our
instructional video

Measure up with DuoBelt™

Grab your DuoBelt™ and let’s show you how to use it.

  • 1. Sit on a chair and place both feet firmly on the ground

  • 2. Place the DuoBelt™ around the widest part of your calf

  • 3. Select the notch that feels most comfortable

  • 4. Ensure you can slide the DuoBelt™ up and down your calf

  • 5. Repeat the process on both legs

Make a note of your size for each calf. If they are two different sizes (happens to the best of us... most of us are one leg dominant) or in between sizes, please round up to the next size. For a more slender silhouette, you can size down.

Enter your DuoBelt Size