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The Best Water Flossers to Buy in Australia

Take your dental hygiene routine to the next level by picking up one of Australia’s best water flossers.
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As its name suggests, water flossers essentially do the same job as your run-of-the-mill dental floss but in a more effective and hassle-free way. Basically, they work by periodically jetting out streams of water to dislodge food trapped between your teeth and gums. The best water flossers come with various high-strength power settings, convenient designs, and other innovative features.

Save yourself extra trips to the dentist and keep your teeth in tip-top shape by investing in one of these nifty machines. Sometimes brushing your teeth just isn’t enough to reach those especially stubborn chunks of food and you’re better off taking care of it sooner rather than later. After all, a few minutes of water flossing is infinitely better than having to deal with excruciating cavities in the future.

How We Researched the Best Water Flossers

There are quite a few excellent water flossers in the market, some from household names and others from relatively obscure brands, so picking out the best of the best proved to be quite the task. We scoured all kinds of marketplaces and dental websites, local and international, in order to create a list of the best devices available to residents in Australia.

After hours of discussion and what felt like a lifetime’s worth of water flossing, we were able to slim down our choices to the devices that you see on this list. No matter which one you decide on, every single one of these entries is a quality product that you won’t regret buying for yourself and/or your family. As far as water flossers go, these are simply the best.

The Best Water Flossers Available to Buy Today in Australia

1. Panasonic Ultrasonic Water Flosser

97 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Lots of power settings
  • Performs like a dream
  • Stores easily and neatly
What customers say:

“This works as well as if not better than the Waterpik. It is less flimsy feels like a quality appliance. I think the pumping mechanism works better and it is gentler on my gums.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

We’re kicking off our list with an entry from Panasonic – one of the bigger brand names on this list. The Panasonic Ultrasonic Water Flosser sports an impressive ten different power settings, allowing it to accommodate both tough to remove debris and extra-sensitive gums and teeth. Just crank up the dial if you’re dying to get rid of that pesky chunk of food that’s been bothering you since lunch, or keep it at that low setting if you want a gentle clean and rinse.

It boasts ultrasonic technology that can take care of even the most stubborn of debris and a magnetized nozzle handle and storage port that makes it easy to pack up and put away. The water tank is big enough to house just under 600 ml of water and it’s dishwasher safe in case you want to toss it in with your dishes to get it spick and span.

Not that you’ll have to very often, since this flosser is incredibly easy to clean out with a simple piece of cloth. The machine is a bit loud and the cord could’ve been longer, but that does little Panasonic Ultrasonic Water Flosser to change the fact that this product is one of the best of its kind on the market.

  • An excellent range of power settings that cater to both stubborn food pieces and extra-sensitive gums and teeth

  • Ultrasonic technology works like a charm and is incredibly effective

  • Easy to clean and store and the water tank is dishwasher safe

  • The hose retracts nice and smoothly

  • The machine is a little louder than some people would like

  • Panasonic should have made the hose longer

2. Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

242 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Wireless design
  • Sits nicely on the magnetic charger
  • Comes in various catchy colours
What customers say:

“It’s quite an expensive purchase but the Waterpik delivers the feeling of a real, deep clean and definitely helps tackle surface stains from coffee and the like” – Donni

Next on the list is an excellent offering from another popular name in the water flosser space. The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser ditches the cord for a more hands-free experience, allowing you to clean out your mouth away from an outlet, like in the shower. This also means that you can bring this guy around when you travel, though it is a bit bulkier than some would like.

The device’s nozzle can be rotated effortlessly, making it easy to reach any part of your mouth, and the device is shaped in a way that’s comfortable to grip. If aesthetics play a big part in your purchases, you’ll be glad to know that this water flosser comes in a variety of colours, including white, black, and blue.

It attaches itself to its charging base via a magnetic and it does so in a way that’s swift and secure. Its water tank houses up to 207 ml of water which is just about enough for a quick cleaning session, though deeper flosses will probably require a few refills.

It doesn’t have as many power settings as the previous entry in this list and the price tag is kind of high for what you get, but the Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser certainly is a top-notch pick for people who are in the market for a wireless option.

  • Water flossing without a pesky cord comes in very handy

  • The magnetic charging base works fantastically

  • Comes with a handy travel pouch for when you’re on the go

  • All the different colour options look great

  • Despite being wireless and coming with a travel pouch, this water flosser isn’t exactly travel-sized

3. Oral Irrigator Cordless Water Flosser

305 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Solid battery life
  • Waterproof build
  • It’s wireless
What customers say:

“I have had more cumbersome and expensive Water Picks in the past. This cheaper unit does the job better and is more portable IMO. Feels like quality, and its handy lightweight design is appreciated. This Flosser certainly cleans out the gunk your brush cannot! – Peter D

Our third pick is from a less known dental hygiene company by the name of DentJet. Their Oral Irrigator Cordless Water Flosser is also a wireless device like the previous entry in this list and it’s IP67-rated waterproof so it’s safe to use while in the shower.

The flosser sports a 1400 mAh battery that should be enough to keep it going for a week’s worth of regular use with every charge and it offers three power settings to choose from that are between 30 and 100 PSI. You’ll get a travel pouch and charging kit in the box, so it’s a good pick up if you’re on the road a lot, especially since the device itself is fairly compact.

The Oral Irrigator Cordless Water Flosser may lack the premium look and feel of some of the other options in this list and it doesn’t really have that many bells and whistles, but if you’re in the market for an affordable flosser that’s wireless and can hold a charge, then this definitely is a superb choice. Plus, it’s completely waterproof which is an awesome feature for a wireless water flosser to have.

  • One of the most affordable quality wireless water flossers around

  • Portable build makes it easy to store in your luggage

  • Includes a travel bag and charging kit

  • Battery life is solid

  • Lacks that premium, weighty feel

  • Hinges in the water tank lid feel like they break easily

4. Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator/Flosser

21 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Has a massage mode for your gums
  • Waterproof and wireless
  • Easy refills
What customers say:

“It doesn’t matter how much you brush, there will always be bits stuck down your gums or in the hard to reach places. I blast them all away with this water flosser every night and I’ve not had issues with plaque build-up since. My dentist declared ‘”no issues” with my teeth for the first time in history.” – Miss C Knichal

We’re heading back to Panasonic for the fourth spot, with the Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator/Flosser – another wireless entry with three power options to choose from, though this one has a soothing massage mode that feels great for your mouth and gums.

The device has a latch on its back that flips open to allow you to refill the water tank with minimum hassle. In addition to that, the EW1211 itself is a wonderfully easy to use flosser that even first-time users would have no trouble operating. It comes with a nice little charging stand as well that holds the device upright and in place whenever you need to juice up the battery.

It’s kind of bulky as water flossers go, so it’s not the best choice if you’re planning to use it for travelling and people with smaller hands may find it uncomfortable, but Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator/Flosser remains a steller wireless dental device from a brand you can trust.

  • Massage mode feels great on your mouth and gums

  • It’s both wireless and waterproof so you can use it while you’re in the shower

  • Easy refilling design

  • Wonderfully easy to operate

  • Not the best choice for travelling on account of its bulkiness

  • Smaller hands will find it uncomfortable to hold

5. Renpho Cordless Water Flosser

1,580 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Excellent water pressure
  • Very affordable
  • Includes a money-back guarantee
What customers say:

“Strange sensation and took nearly two weeks to build up to using the normal setting, but my mouth feels so much cleaner than it did after using floss or picks. It’s improved my boyfriend’s morning breath no end!” – Antoinette

Renpho is a newcomer in the dental hygiene industry and a fledgling company as a whole. But that’s not to say that they don’t make some quality products. Their Renpho Cordless Water Flosser is a marvellous product that proves that you don’t need to spend the big bucks to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Not only does it boast four different power modes – with the maximum setting reaching 120 PSI – but it’s also completely wireless and features a quick water-refilling system. The water tank is detachable as well, in case you’d like to give it a nice clean.

The tank’s 300ml capacity is a fair bit larger than the other wireless flossers on this list, meaning you’ll get more cleaning done before each refill. This can be a double-edged sword, however, as this does cause the device to end up being quite bulky.

If you’re trying to save a buck and don’t mind putting your faith in a relatively unknown brand, then the Renpho Cordless Water Flosser is as good as they come.

  • Excellent water pressure of up to 120 PSI

  • Extremely affordable

  • Offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product

  • Larger tanks than most wireless flossers

  • Larger tank results in a bulky machine

  • Device’s shape makes it a bit unwieldy

6. Oral Irrigator Multifunctional Water Flosser for Family

287 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Huge water tank
  • Wide range of pressure settings
  • Waterproof build
What customers say:

“Great value, cheaper than the ones in retail stores and still great quality. The exterior is made out of plastic, but the machine is very powerful, you can even control the pressure with the toggle, so if the pressure is too much or not enough you can adjust it easily. Very happy with buying this”. – Mac

We’re revisiting DentJet for the next entry in our list, though this time we’re selecting one of their corded variants. The Oral Irrigator Multifunctional Water Flosser for Family is a large-sized, wired offering akin to the Panasonic Ultrasonic Water Flosser. They both have a similarly huge 600ml tank so you can get through a deep cleaning session without needing a refill.

This means that it’ll take up quite a bit of sink space but it is waterproof so you can place it near your shower if you prefer doing your dental routine after a nice bath. You’ll also get an exceptional pressure range to choose from which goes between 30 to 125 PSI at ten different increments.

It comes with a healthy variety of attachments, each with a specific function, and it even includes a nifty tongue cleaner for those who struggle with bad breath. For those on the lookout for a heavy-duty machine but can’t afford the premium price tag, the Oral Irrigator Multifunctional Water Flosser for Family is exactly what the dentist ordered.

  • Exceptional pressure settings ranging between 30 to 125 PSI

  • Delightfully affordable

  • Big water tank means you’ll be refilling less

  • Comes with a nice variety of attachments

  • Takes up a lot of space

  • It’s can be quite loud

7. Hangsun Water Flosser Professional Cordless Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator

2,056 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Huge water tank
  • Wide range of pressure settings
  • Waterproof build
What customers say:

“This water floss is a lifesaver. It is super easy to use, pretty lightweight, and battery life is fantastic; since I got my oral irrigator, my daily routine is much easier than what I use.” – Gerelee

We’re rounding out our list with an entry from Hangsun – a fairly new Chinese company with a global presence and a focus on personal care products. They started out with a laser hair removal product and have since made their way into various different niches, including the water flosser space.

Similar to the Panasonic EW1211 and the Renpho Cordless Water Flosser, the Hangsun Water Flosser Professional Cordless Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator is a wireless machine that excels through its excellent battery life, user-friendly design, and quiet performance.

It also boasts a 300 ml water tank, which is pretty impressive for a wireless flosser and there’s a little latch towards the bottom that allows for quick water refills.

The machine might be a bit harsh on sensitive teeth and gums and its wide base is less than ergonomic, but the Hangsun Water Flosser Professional Cordless Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator is a fantastic device nonetheless and it’s easy on the wallet to boot.

  • Operates quietly, so you won’t have to wake up the house every time you use it

  • Super affordable

  • Water tank is bigger than what’s expected from a wireless flosser

  • Capable of lasting up to 14 days of regular use on a single charge

  • Quite bulky due to the large water tank

  • May be a bit too hard on sensitive teeth and gums

Water Flossers: Buying Guide

Water flossers aren’t exactly a common household item and figuring out which one to buy can be a pretty difficult and confusing affair. With a lot of the products in the market looking way too similar to one another and some variants sporting dreadfully high price tags, it’s extremely important that you bone up on the features and characteristics you should be looking for when purchasing a quality water flosser.

What to Look for When Buying a Water Flosser

Here’s are the key factors to look out for to guarantee a happy water flosser purchase that’ll keep you satisfied for years to come:

Know What a Water Flosser is and What it Does

Water flossers are dental hygiene devices designed to provide you with extra care for your teeth, gums, and mouth, beyond what daily toothbrushing can provide. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but they all have three things in common: a pump powered by a motor, a water tank, and a special tip.

Most people use these devices in place of string flossing since many find it difficult and cumbersome. Water flossers have been proven to effectively remove deep-seated food particles and plaque, as well as help treat gingivitis and improve the overall health of your gums.

They’re especially helpful for people with braces and dental implants since they help keep them clean and well-maintained. They’re also great for users with physical impairments that can make string flossing particularly difficult, like arthritis. Dentists often recommend a single round of flossing to go along with your twice-a-day toothbrushing regimen.

Knowing The Different Types of Water Flossers

Water flossers can essentially be boiled down to four different types: the countertop type, the wireless/cordless type, the complete oral care type, and the flossing toothbrush. Here’s a quick rundown of each variant:

  • The Countertop Type: This kind of water flosser is often packed with the most features, pressure options, and extra attachments, like varying tip choices. While some of them come in relatively more compact sizes, countertop water flossers are usually quite bulky on account of their large water tanks. They’re ideal for home usage and a lot of sink real estate.
  • The Cordless/Wireless Type: You’re more likely to come across the handheld kind that sports a more portable design, smaller water tank, and generally lower pressure capabilities, but there are cordless countertop types that are pretty much identical to the standard countertop variety minus the outlet requirement.

Handheld wireless water flossers are perfect for people who travel often or don’t have that much space in their bathrooms, while the wireless countertop kind works well if you don’t have an outlet situated near your sink.

  • The Complete Oral Care Type: These all-in-one packages aim to include everything you’ll need for proper oral hygiene and often come with both a water flosser and an electric toothbrush. It’s usually more cost-effective than buying each product separately and it’ll save you some precious sink space by housing both devices in one place.
  • The Flossing Toothbrush: Tired of having to juggle different devices for brushing and flossing? Well, there’s actually a tool that marries both. The flossing toothbrush is basically an electric toothbrush with a built-in water flosser, allowing you to accomplish both oral hygiene activities with one device. It’s a space-saving and simplified solution for your oral care needs.

Benefits of Water Flossing Over String Flossing

Any dentist you visit will recommend pairing your regular tooth brushing routine with daily flossing. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t follow this advice, especially when traditional string flossing is concerned. Now, this may be due to several legitimate reasons, such as a debilitating illness or overly- sensitive gums, but let’s be honest, most of the time it’s simply because flossing with a string is a hassle and we’re too lazy to do it.

Water flossers simplify the entire process and make the experience that much more pleasant. Instead of having to run a string through each of the gaps between your teeth, you just have to point your water flosser nozzle and get blasting. It’s also reportedly a lot better at eliminating plaque build-up which is a great thing, and studies have shown that these devices are capable of reaching areas in your mouth that toothbrushes and string floss can’t.

It doesn’t stop at just cleaning, either. With the right pressure setting, the stream of water can be used to massage your gums, leaving them healthier and you more relaxed. Some water flossers come with tongue cleaners as well, allowing you to combat bad breath and gingivitis. To top it all off, using water flossers require minimal dexterity, which makes them great for people who suffer from illnesses like arthritis.

Key Features

  • Water Pressure: While a lot of products boast how powerful their motors are and how impressive the maximum water pressure setting is, the lower pressure settings are equally as important, as is the overall range. A surprising number of people suffer from tender gums and sensitive teeth, meaning the higher pressure settings will probably cause them a lot of pain. For users like that, a gentler setting is essential.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Depending on the type of water flosser you’re eyeing, the capacity of its water tank usually ranges between 200ml for the handheld variety to 600ml in the countertop kind. To make things easier to understand, a 200ml tank can net you around 45 seconds worth of flossing, while a 600ml one will give you approximately two minutes of usage.

This, of course, also depends on the pressure setting you’re using. If you have your heart set on a handheld cordless device, expect that you’ll need a refill or two to get a satisfyingly deep clean.

  • Voltage: Since Australian outlets are set to 230V, it’s important that you double-check the voltage of the water flosser before purchase. That way, you can pick up a voltage converter if necessary so you can avoid damaging the product.
  • Replaceable Tips: If you’re expecting multiple people to use your water flosser, then you’ll definitely want to invest in the kind that has removable and replaceable tips. Some models have colour-coded identifiers as well, which will help each user keep track of their specific tip.
  • On-handle Controls: If you decided on a countertop water flosser, it’d be quite the hassle if you had to reach for the power button on the base unit every time you want to start or stop the device. That’s why some models have opted to include a pause/start button on the handle itself, allowing you to temporarily stop the water stream even when the machine is turned on.
  • Rotating Tips: Stationary tips can be difficult to maneuver which, in turn, can make it tough to reach specific areas in your mouth. That’s why you’ll want to get yourself a water flosser model that features a rotating tip. That way, you can simply adjust the tip itself to reach a specific spot, instead of having to twist the entire device.
  • Water Hose Swivel: Besides rotating tips, some models have a swivel at their base which allows you to rotate the device without resistance from the water hose. This makes it infinitely easier to position the nozzle so you can reach any part of your mouth without hassle.
  • Built-in Timer: Some water flossers include a built-in timer that will automatically pause the device after a certain length of time has passed. This often indicates that you’ve spent enough time on one part of your mouth and it’s time you started working on another section.
  • Massage Setting: Certain models like the amazon link=”B07DD28NJD” title=”Panasonic EW1211 Rechargeable Oral Irrigator/Flosser”/] come with a massage mode that’s meant to gently stimulate your gums for a healthier and more relaxing experience.
  • Colour Options: While it’s not exactly a must-have, some people put a high premium on looks, which is why it’s always nice to have different colourways to choose from. The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, for example, comes in several eye-catching colours, like white, black, and blue.

The Importance of Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Sustaining good oral health can be a difficult and tiresome job, especially if you have certain medical conditions and dental implants that you need extra care of. Having braces, dentures, or sensitive gums/teeth, for example, double the effort you need to put in for your oral upkeep.

Slacking on your routines can lead to bacteria build-up in your braces or implants which can then cause infections and other serious diseases. You’ll also need to watch out if your gums regularly bleed profusely, as this can be a significant indicator of gingivitis.

Braces have also been known to contribute to the emergence of gingivitis and they can lead to white stains on your teeth (decalcification) as well if not properly taken care of. Other conditions that may give rise to oral and dental issues include pregnancy and smoking.

If left unchecked, poor oral hygiene can lead to numerous health problems which will likely end up resulting in extremely costly and painful dental procedures. That’s why maintaining good oral hygiene simply cannot be overstated. So do your future self a favour and start taking better care of your mouth, teeth, and gums. And one of the best ways to do so is to pick up a high-quality water flosser.

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